Details to help you decide what finish you need

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Diamond Finishes

  • Produces a lens quality finish.
  • Recommended for anything highly visible and decorative.
  • To enhance release due to high quality finish.   
  • Polishing techniques can make all the difference in the final required            finish.       

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Paper Finishes

  • Produces the second most refined finish.
  • Produces a good release.
  • Recommended for compression and extrusion molds.     

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Stone Finishes

  • Removes all tool and machining Marks.
  • Provides adequate release.
  • Recommended for products that do not require a decorative or visual impact.

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Dry Blasted

  • Can be used to produce various textures in mold surface.
  • Can vary the gloss or shine on molded parts using different medias. 
  • Can improve release of certain plastic parts.   


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